TidyMenu Digital Restaurant Menu product updates - September 2020


September product updates from TidyMenu are below.  Keep in mind the structure of the public facing pages of TidyMenu while reading the below updates!

Logo or Title alignment

You can now align the logo or organization name on the 3 public facing pages of TidyMenu.  While logos are only available to Premium users, all users can use this to align the text or logo on these pages.  The alignment options are demonstrated on the TidyMenu page below:

The “none” option hides the logo and the address information on the TidyMenu page, and only the logo on the organization and file viewer pages.  An example of the TidyMenu page without a title is below:



Include or Exclude Dietary Tags

If you have applied dietary tags to items in your TidyMenu, your users can now filter by “including” or “excluding” those tags.  For example, a sushi customer may wish to see only items containing raw fish.  Alternatively, someone with a nut allergy may wish to exclude items containing nuts.



Images on the Organization page

Premium users can now add an image to files or links that are shown on the organization page.  The "Use Image" section of editing a file or link QR Code will show the various options for these images.


An example of this is shown on a client site below, where the image was added to a link that points at Google Maps: