TidyMenu Digital Restaurant Menu product updates - June 2020

Based on user feedback, we have added several new features and improved some existing features.  Please reach out to us at support@exposg.com with your ideas and feedback!

Dietary Tags

You can now add dietary tags to your items.  Some example tags might include Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Raw, Gluten Free, or Keto Friendly.  Tags are free form so that you can best support your restaurant’s needs or the latest dietary trends.

You can tag items by typing in a comma separated list of your dietary tags on the item.  This list is free form so use whatever terminology is appropriate for your concept:

Dietary Tags are also supported when downloading, exporting and uploading menus.  This allows for quick bulk tagging and review of items.

When consumers view a menu, they can see dietary tags on the list view of the menu or when viewing a menu’s details:


Diners can also filter their menu using the menu options located in the top right corner of the menu, then selecting their desired dietary tag(s) and layout:


Embed a logo in the middle of your QR Code


Add some branding to your QR codes by embedding your brand logo in the center of the QR code.  This new Premium feature presents a customized QR Code to the customer.


Public Menu changes

Several small adjustments have been made to the public facing menus that diners view after scanning the QR Code:

  • Dietary filters and menu layout options are hidden behind the top right menu
  • List menu layout now shows dietary tags
  • When you have multiple menus configured, they are now shown one at a time with a dropdown box to change between menus


Time based Menu Defaults

We have added the option to default to different menus during different day parts.  When adding or editing a Menu, you can set a start and end time for the menu to be the default menu.

This means that during your lunch hours, diners scanning your QR Code will first see your Lunch menu and during dinner hours they will first see your dinner menu.