TidyMenu Digital Restaurant Menu product updates - July 2020

This month we focused on dialing in our signup process as we see many restaurants and hotels reopening or planning to reopen soon. For those that have had to slow down or even roll back your reopening - we share your frustration!  Let us know if we can help fine tune your menu while you're waiting.

Also, we improved performance across the service including doubling web hosting and database speeds.  TidyMenu is a modern, cloud based service for consistent reliability and we will continue to scale as our usage grows.


TidyMenu Upgrades

We’ve continued to add features based on feedback and requests to our TidyMenu style digital menus. 

Premium users can now make a menu item into a web link. This creates many possibilities for evolving your menu:

  • Create a link to the PDF version of your menu and provide options to your diners
  • Create an item that links to a local related areas of interest that relate to your food and drinks. Local farms, breweries, distilleries, or winery tours make excellent examples.  Place that link item above or below your food items from that vendor.

  • Create an item link to a kid-safe website with games like tic-tac-toe or digital coloring pages, then add that item to your kids menu.


  • Monetize your menu by selling advertising to local businesses. For example, create a category for “Reopening Sponsors” and sell advertising to local businesses that are willing to help you with reopening costs. Link those items to the local business website. This could even become a source of ongoing revenue for your restaurant!

We created 2 additional Menu Layout options - “Full List” and “Image Side Scroll”. 

You can select your default menu layout on the Design page. Users can swap between different layouts when viewing the menu by using the options in the top right corner.

Digital menu user options

  • “Full List” Layout – This layout shows the entire item description to minimize the need to click through to see item details. It makes the menu longer, so it may be best suited for menus with fewer items.

Full list menu


  • “Image Side Scroll” Layout – This graphical menu can really drive sales! You will need appealing photos of all your menu items for this layout to look its best.

Image based menu


PDF And Photo Viewer Upgrades

Our service uses a hosted PDF and Photo viewer page to ensure a consistent user experience across Android and iPhone devices. 

We improved our PDF viewer, now optimized for faster file loading and smaller download sizes.

We improved the Image viewer experience, keeping the page header in view for swapping between files and mimicking the PDF zoom and pan experience.

For Premium users, both the PDF and Photo viewer now support displaying small logos in the top left corner. 

Image based menu

In addition, when you only have 1 file uploaded, the file selector dropdown on the right changes into text to minimize confusion.

PDF based menu



Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@tidymenu.com with feedback and ideas!

You can also connect with us on all the following social media platforms - twitter, instagram and LinkedIn.