TidyMenu Digital Restaurant Menu product updates - August 2020

We hope your summer is going well.  We welcomed many new restaurants around the world to our TidyMenu service this past month.  We appreciate your referrals and feedback.  Please reach out to us at support@tidymenu.com with any ideas or suggestions.

Learn about the TidyMenu enhancements for August 2020 below!


New Manage Tab

We consolidated a few different tabs into one “Manage” tab to simplify and streamline administration.  This new tab allows you to manage Locations, Upload files, and print QR Codes for all the various end points.


There are three types of QR Codes that you may wish to use:

  • Use the TidyMenu Location QR Code if you are designing and building out  menus on our site.




  • Use the Files and Links QR Code if you’re using a PDF or photo based menu, or if you’re pointing the QR Code to your existing, mobile friendly website.


  • Use the Organization QR Code to link to a main menu that shows all menus, files and links for an organization. This is especially useful for hotels that have uploaded many different PDF files and want to present a list of options as the customer entry point.


Reorder Files and Links

For organizations with multiple files or links, you can now drag and drop the files to reorder how they are displayed to customers.  This order will be reflected on the Organization page and in the File dropdown list.


File and Link Groups

For premium users, we added the ability to bundle files and links into multiple groups.  Groups can be added, edited, and reordered from the Manage tab.  An example of using multiple groups would be a hotel that has a “Concierge Desk” group of local attractions and a “Desk Portfolio” of files that would traditionally be printed and placed in the room (channel guide, property map, phone directory, etc).